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Monitoring at work

22.10.2015 | Gloria Lawson | Legal

There is a lot of confusion around what employers can and cannot do when it comes to monitoring their employees and I want to dispel some of the myths.

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Automatic enrolment – Are you compliant?

16.10.2015 | Sarah Spring | Payroll

The law on workplace pensions has changed. Every employer with at least one member of staff now has new duties, including enrolling those who are eligible into a workplace pension scheme and contributing towards it. This is called automatic enrolment.

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09.10.2015 | Steve Lawson | General

One of the hot topics this week is the FIFA corruption scandal, including allegations of dishonesty towards several of FIFA’s top officials.

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Money Laundering

02.10.2015 | Emily Hazell

Money laundering is the generic term used to describe the process by which criminals disguise the original ownership and control of the proceeds of criminal conduct by making such proceeds appear to have derived from a legitimate source.

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Are tablets the next step for your business?

25.09.2015 | Ray | IT

Sparked five years ago by Apple’s launch of the iPad, a device which was thought to be trivial ended up being a common household item. The vast success of the iPad has led to companies such as Microsoft, Dell and even local supermarkets producing their own tablet.

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National Minimum Wage Rates

18.09.2015 | Sarah Spring | HR

Increases from 1st October 2015 – Are you prepared?

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Migration effect on small businesses

04.09.2015 | Steve Lawson | General

The hot topic in the news this week is the tragic situation in the Middle East forcing a large migration of people into Europe. This is not a political blog, but there is a lot of concern over the economic effect of this large influx and we are particularly interested in how this affects employers.

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Knowing How You Pay Taxes

28.08.2015 | Emily Hazell | Bookkeeping

HMRC is responsible for the collection of all taxes (apart from council tax and business rates, which local authorities administer) through two systems: self-assessment and Pay As You Earn (PAYE).

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Working outside the office?

21.08.2015 | Ray Dzikiti | IT

Your computer is the perfect machine. It’s customized to your exact needs, runs all your must-have work apps, and holds every important file you’d ever need to access. The catch: It’s not exactly practical copy your data from your network and lug around a laptop all day. That’s where remote access comes in.

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Managing Sickness Absence

14.08.2015 | Sarah Spring | HR

A health and work assessment and advisory service is to be rolled out during 2015, offering free occupational health assistance for employees, employers and GPs. The service can provide an occupational health assessment after four weeks of sickness absence.

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