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Tax Avoidance

17.03.2016 | Ray Dzikiti | General

Global firms including Starbucks, Google, Vodafone and Amazon have come under fire for tax avoiding in the UK. Through their legal tax avoidance schemes these firms face £300 penalties which are obviously dwarfed by the millions in potential profit they gain.

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PS - Or should I say PMS

11.03.2016 | Gloria Lawson | General

Imagine the scenario? You call my office and receive the voicemail: I’m sorry I cannot come to the phone at the moment because I am on PERIOD LEAVE!

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The PACT Scheme

19.02.2016 | Emily Hazell | General

Are you worried about always chasing late payments? Well now the worrying can stop. PACT stands for ‘please abide contract terms’ and is a scheme that has been set up to help small businesses against late payments.

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08.02.2016 | Steve Lawson | General

With the six nations rugby kicking off, it struck me that the teamwork required on the pitch by the players is the kind of level that we all strive for in our organisations, although not the aggression and physicality.

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David Bowie

15.01.2016 | Emily Hazell | General

David Bowie was also a financial pioneer

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New Year…………. New Beginnings?

05.01.2016 | Gloria Lawson | General

So here we are again! All the frenzied preparation and anticipation for Christmas has finally come and gone. Swiftly followed by what to wear to the party to end all parties.

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Business success or failure?

11.12.2015 | Emily Hazell | General

The traits that could indicate whether your small business is destined to succeed or fail

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Black Friday

26.11.2015 | Gloria Lawson | General

Roll up! Roll up! There are deals to be had!

It’s all about Black Friday and Cyber Monday!!

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13.11.2015 | Steve Lawson | General

Following years of modernisation, HMRC have improved my company’s efficiency – I don’t have to talk to them. Ever.

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Hacking and Cyber Crime

28.10.2015 | Ray Dzikiti | General

The hot topic this week is the hack on TalkTalk which has led to approximately 600,000 people’s personal data available online.

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