Payroll services

Accurate and timely payroll is essential to the success of any company.

To ensure effective payroll processing, our focus is on accuracy and efficiency to ensure your staff are paid correctly and on time.

We believe all companies should have a monthly routine with absolute deadlines for payroll submission that is effectively communicated to all employees.

We have many years of experience dealing with irregular issues and situations in a friendly but professional manner, and we have run payrolls from one to several hundred employees.

Customers that combine payroll with cash flow management services also benefit as we can plan and make all the payments.

What we do

  • Gathering weekly/monthly pay data for all personnel
  • Calculating pay, tax, NI and other additions and deductions including pension and expenses
  • Creating payslips and distributing them to staff
  • adding new employees and removing leavers from payroll
  • Creating relevant documents such as P45's, P60's, P11d's and others
  • Creating Accurate reports for accounting purposes
  • Arranging payments into personnel bank accounts
  • Arranging PAYE payments to HMRC
  • Liaise with Pensions Regulator and maintain compliance procedures accordingly
  • Making alterations to employee data such as tax codes, bank details etc
  • Submitting figures to HMRC
  • Keeping up to date with changes in pay and tax regulations
  • Dealing with enquiries from personnel

Advantages of Outsourcing Payroll

As well as being time consuming, payroll also requires significant levels of knowledge and expertise to be maintained in-house. Costs can be significant as well as paying for suitably qualified staff to manage the in-house operation, buying or licensing specialist payroll software, which will need to be maintained and updated, also needs to be considered.

Saves on time - enables your staff to concentrate on other important revenue generating processes.

Reduces cost - reduces operational expenditure as it eliminates the cost of a dedicated person/team, specialist software and consumables.

Complying with regulations - 40% of businesses pay fines for incorrect filings. Outsourcing to professionals will minimise the risk of fines, mistakes and inspections.

More focus on YOUR business - outsourcing means management can focus on revenue generating processes rather than issues with payroll and compliances and have the peace of mind that your staff will be paid accurately and on time.

Enhanced privacy - payroll data remains outside of your office premises and remains confidential, ensuring there are no data leakages.


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